3 things you that can do today to improve your website

Updating your website is easy to slip down the to-do list. When you’re juggling a myriad of tasks, it’s all too easy to leave your website as it is. It’s there, it works, what needs updating? Well, a lot! Running regular updates to your site is critical to ensure it’s working effectively. Your customer experience, website traffic and engagement are all impacted by a well-functioning site, so leave it to gather dust, and you’ll have a mammoth cleaning job ahead!

To make it as easy as possible, we’ve put together 3 actions you can do today to boost the strength of your website. And if that gets you gearing up for more, we’ve got 2 bonus actions that can take your website to the next level.

1) Add some fresh content
Content is something of a buzz word nowadays, but by adding something new to your site, you’re boosting its strength. Content can include:

●  Testimonials – recommendations speak volumes. Adding some testimonials will be a huge boost to your site.

●  New products or services – is there anything missing that you could add? Even if you run a service-based business and don’t have new ‘stock’ to upload, there could be a part of your offer missing from your website, or something that needs tweaking.

●  Regular blog posts. These can be hints, tips, guides, reviews. Where do you provide value to your audience? A blog is the platform to share that value, and it’s a great way to connect with your audience.

●  Case studies – if you have some shining examples of stellar work you’ve completed, let people know about it! Case studies are the real ‘proof in the pudding’ opportunity to demonstrate the strength of your offer.

2)  Check your calls to action (CTAs)
Take a quick look at your homepage. If you’d never been on your website before, would you know what you’re being asked to do? Should you click to buy? Sign up to a newsletter? Fill in an enquiry form? Identify the action you want visitors to your website to take, and make sure it’s clear and accessible from the homepage. If visitors have to dig to find your email address or to sign up to an offer, they’ll go elsewhere.

3)  Get some feedback
Ask some people you trust (but who will also be honest!) to review your website. If you have a good relationship with some clients, you could also ask them and perhaps include an incentive. Ask them to critique it: how it could be improved, what do they like, what works, what doesn’t work, does it reflect their experience with your business, is anything missing or difficult to find? These questions will provide valuable customer insight while giving you an extra way to engage with clients and show that you value them and their ideas.

And if these have inspired you to delve a bit deeper into strengthening your website, here are two bonus tips to go that bit further:

Bonus tip 1: Add video content

Video is a hugely popular tool for engaging with your audience. Have a quick search on some other websites and you’ll no doubt see some form of video content. Whether it’s a fashion brand showing how their clothes move when worn, or an academy trust showing their students hard at work, video is the perfect medium to illustrate what you do in a matter of seconds.

Given that we are used to getting the information we want near-instantly, a video is a great way to explain your product or service; the key is to keep it short and sweet. In just 30 seconds you could:

●  Give an overview of your organisation

●  Share some free information, hints and tips to help your audience

●  Share some quick explainer videos in your area of expertise

●  Demonstrate your products

Video can be a great sales funnel while boosting your SEO (click here if you’d like more info on that!), so if you’re able to invest in a videographer or animator, it’s well worth pursuing.

Bonus tip 2: Hire a professional website designer to run a website audit

A good web designer can look in-depth at varying factors of your site, including your load speed. People are impatient, so if your website doesn’t load quickly and effectively, they will go elsewhere. A professional can also check the mobile-friendliness of your site, something that’s critical when a lot of web searching is done on the go. The security of your site is another important factor that a web designer can assess. This is along with analysing the navigation, design, and user experience, so this thorough look into the inner workings of your website will be a huge boost to your business.

So there you have a few simple tips to boost your website. If you’re interested in delving that bit deeper into strengthening your site and driving more traffic your way, click here to book your free website audit.



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