Does your website generate income or not?

Take a moment to think about your website. Does it generate income and would you like to see that increase? Or do you have a website because you think you ought, and you rarely give it a second thought? Professional monthly website support can certainly increase your profits.


2020 was a record year for new company set ups. Lots of these will have been started off the back of Covid-related redundancies where people took the opportunity to strike out on their own, doing something they love. It was also the year that established businesses decided they really needed a website after all.


There are generally three types of website set ups.

  1. Those that business owners have built themselves, using platforms like Wix or WordPress.
  2. Those built by professional website designers.
  3. Those built by professional website designers who then support and maintain that website.

Self-build sites

With self-build sites, it’s common practice to set the site up, make it look attractive, and then leave it alone. Very few updates or changes are made because they take time and energy and you’d rather invest that in your business. That way you can see money coming in. Updating your website doesn’t necessarily bring an instant profit gain. But perhaps spending a little every month will help you focus on your business and therefore start to generate more profit?

You also need to consider your business model. If your capacity is, for example, 10 bouquets of flowers or boxes of cupcakes, then you probably won’t generate many sales through your website. Your customers may find you through social media or from word-of-mouth recommendation. If that’s you, your website probably serves you best as a portfolio and information portal.

Professionally built websites

On the other hand, websites built by professional web designers make you look at your business differently. You will be talking to your target client, have keyword-rich and SEO friendly copy with landing pages to boost your visitor numbers. This all helps you focus on your business and the ultimate goal of generating more profit.

Professionally built websites with support and ‘active maintenance’

Again, consider your business model. Imagine you are a busy electrician. You currently have one van on the road and you’re looking to expand to three vans in the next year or so, bringing two family members into the business to help expand it. A website with regularly updated content, a targeted SEO strategy that is regularly reviewed to make sure it’s still current and a strong lead generation strategy would work for you. It would result in extra profit going straight back into your business, easily offsetting the cost of monthly website support.

We offer a no-obligation website audit service –

Cityspace Creative offers a free website audit where we can assess if you would benefit from regular support, a lead generation strategy or new content. We can take the time and effort away from you, making the magic happen behind the scenes so you can get on with running your business and seeing your profit increase. Contact us for more information.


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