SEO: Getting your website to page 1 of Google

You’ve built your website, it’s looking great and it’s live online. For all to see. Except nobody’s seeing it.

Why? It comes down to an acronym you’ve probably heard while building or running your site: SEO. Search Engine Optimisation.

What is SEO?

The basic idea behind SEO is that people use Google to search for something, and the strength of your SEO means that Google can understand what your website is about, and in turn, present that information to the person searching for it.

In a nutshell, SEO means that people searching for you will find you.

Won’t adding some keywords sort out my SEO?

There’s a complex process and method that Google wants websites to go through, and it extends far beyond blasting your website with some keywords (in fact, adding the same words too often can go against you!). A professional web designer will implement various techniques to optimise your website. When we’re building a website, we’re mindful of all the boxes Google wants us to tick, actively encouraging it to connect to your website. These include:

●  Building a site map – this is critical and instructs Google to look at the different pages of your site

●  Plugins – these get Google talking to your website and a good web designer will know the best plugins to use, and how to keep them working

●  Page structure – going beyond the core ‘homepage’, ‘about’ and ‘services’ pages, we build numerous lead generation pages which work away behind the scenes to drive more users to your site.Why is SEO so important?

Your website needs to look great, but it also needs to function effectively and be discoverable. Think of it as a car, a gorgeous car that looks brilliant and drives beautifully. A web designer is going under the hood of that car: SEO is how the engine works.

A web designer will build the mechanics of your website. That’s the key difference between hiring a professional and self-building. There are fantastic sites that enable you to build your own website, but there are limited SEO capabilities. A bespoke SEO approach, factoring in the aims and aspirations of your business and your website, are key to getting you on the first page of Google searches.

So why not book in a free website audit (no strings attached!) so we can have a look into your website, why it’s not performing as you’d like it to, and how we can boost your SEO and Google rankings.

If SEO is still baffling you, or you’re just ready to take your website to the next stage, please do get in touch [link].

What’s up next?

We’re going to be sharing our views on SEO and Google Ad Words – what’s the difference and where to invest your time and resources.

SEO: Getting your website to page 1 of Google



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