You’ve got a website, now how do you get people to see it?

Your website is live, you’ve checked and double-checked your content, and tested all links are working but…you need to drive people there. Marketing can sound somewhat daunting, but in this post, we’re giving you easy-to-implement techniques for promoting your site and driving that all-important web traffic.  

Once your site’s up and running, one of the best ways to get people to see it is to tell anyone and everyone you’ve launched it! In a time where it can seem like everyone has an all-singing all dancing (sometimes literally, thanks, TikTok) social media strategy, it can sound a bit old school, but using the contacts you already have can work wonders. 

Old school email

If you have an email mailing list, tell them about your new site. You have that audience already, so tap into it. Entice them to have a look at the site, what’s in it for them? This is a key demographic, who are already engaging with you – they’ll have opted in to receive your emails, so speak to them, link to your website, and give them a reason to visit it. 

Social media

Continue to announce the good news across all your channels. If you’re on a couple of social media platforms, spread the news there. It’s an exciting change that people will really want to see, so drive them there – here we are, with a fresh new look/product/service/whole new website! Direct people there, is there a new product, a special offer, a new service for them to look at? Try not to go overboard, but telling people just once isn’t enough. We’re all busy, and on social media, our attention spans are particularly short, so remind people, and remind them again! 

Try a ‘soft launch’ of your website.

If you’re a bit more hesitant to tell the world about your new site, a soft launch could be a good idea. Direct your most loyal, or longest-standing clients, to a version of the site for their feedback. Think of it as a prelaunch, a way to test the waters before fully going live. By inviting them into this side of the business, and telling them they’re appreciated and you truly value their feedback, they’ll feel more valued as a client (and as a person!). This approach can be a win on two levels: you get valued insight and you build on your relationship with those clients. 


A great way of engaging with potential clients and driving more traffic your way is through good old networking. Gone are the days of small talk in a stuffy conference room. A lot of networking groups meet solely online now, giving you a wider audience to tap into, and no travelling or extra time taken out of your day. Because these groups meet online, there will generally be a chat window where you can post a link to your site. Perhaps ask for feedback or tell them you’ve got something specific they might be interested in to direct them to your site.

Other tactics

Alongside marketing and promotion, another key way to drive traffic to your website is through the site itself. We’ve shared blog posts about SEO and registering your site with Google, so there are lots of tips and ideas there. 

And some extra final tips are:

  • Add it to your email signature – Have you seen our new website? Click here for our 10% launch discount
  • Repurpose your content – if you’ve written a long post for LinkedIn, could it also be a blog post, could an excerpt be a Facebook post, could it lend itself to a Reel on your Instagram?
  • Drop it into conversation with clients and at any sales opportunities 
  • If you’ve used a web designer, ask if they could promote it too. They’ll be showcasing their web design skills while also promoting your business

You’ll feel like a broken record, but repetition is key. Although this new site means the world to you, it will most likely be ‘just another post’ on their social media feeds, so keep reminding people and make sure they know what’s in it for them. It’s said that there are seven touch points before someone makes a buying decision, so you need to be in the front of their mind when they do come to seek out the services or products you offer. 

This aspect of running a business can feel counterintuitive and quite frankly, a bit cringe, but if you keep your brand voice consistent and keep it genuine, your message will be well-received. Nobody likes to be ‘sold’ to, so be yourself, stick with your usual style, and you’ll see the results. 

If you fancy reading up more on building a top-notch website and getting it seen, head over to our blog





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