Why Do You Need a Lead Generation Strategy for your business website

Lead generation is the method of attracting and converting potential customers from strangers into those who are interested in your product or service. You can do this through organic or paid social media campaigns and engagement, with the aim of getting people onto your website.

Who is your target client?

Rather than taking a scattergun approach and hoping some of what you post resonates with your target market, we recommend establishing a lead generation strategy. This way, your efforts won’t go to waste and you’ll start to see results.

How to plan your lead generation strategy

There are a lot of companies out there clamouring for your customers’ attention. So how can you cut through this and get in front of your people? At this stage, content is king. You need to offer something that either interests potential clients, gives them something they want or educates them. Then you’re sharing with them something they didn’t know was missing from their life.

Now they’ve found you, what’s next?

You have a strategy in place and your customers are responding. What happens next? They visit your website, the place where you can show them all the benefits of your wonderful product or service. This is your opportunity to convert them into paying customers. But there’s no point driving them to your website if there’s no substance to back up your lead generation efforts.

Get your website working harder for you

This should be the cornerstone of your marketing and lead generation strategy. Make sure your website is working hard for you. Check your brand messaging. Be sure your offering is obvious and that it’s easy for your customers to do what you want them to do with a clear call to action. Your campaign and strategy can have bells and whistles, but if your website is letting you down, you’ll lose your customers.

Let Cityspace Creative take a look at your website and make sure it’s attracting the right people. We can do a free audit to see how your site is performing and advise on ways to increase your lead conversion rate.


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