Why you should have video testimonials on your website

There are two very powerful tools you should be using on your website, videos and testimonials. Combine them both well and you should start to see an upturn in engagement, site visits and conversions.

What’s so great about video?

People are more likely to stop scrolling and watch a video. It’s a quick and easy way to digest content and therefore a great way for you to present your messages. Take a look at some of these video marketing stats if you’re not convinced.

Other benefits of using video:

  1. It’s the perfect platform for storytelling.
  2. Video is more engaging than text and static pictures – users stay up to 60% longer on sites with video.
  3. People buy from people and if they can see you talking about your product or service, you’re starting to build trust with your potential clients.
  4. Google likes videos, as long as they’re relevant and useful. In the same way it checks your copy, Google also makes sure your video is on point. If you have a mixture of text and video, even better.
  5. The more traffic your site has, the higher it will be ranked. Video can give you the hook to get more traffic.

What about testimonials?

Testimonials are a fabulous way to say how great your product or service is without saying it yourself! Letting your satisfied clients do the talking takes the onus off you blowing your own trumpet.

Some benefits of including testimonials on your website:

  1. Real reviews – not many people buy anything these days without reading reviews first. Testimonials act as reviews for your business or services.
  2. People trust people like themselves. If someone like them features in a testimonial, it’s easy for them to relate to.
  3. Testimonials supply answers to questions about your product or service in a solution-focused way.
  4. They can highlight the benefits of your business in a real-case scenario.
  5. They bring emotion to your products and services – and people make buying decisions based on emotion, justified with logic.

Now combine the pull of video with the power of a testimonial, that could amount to great results. Video testimonials are evergreen content that you can repurpose on your social feeds, newsletters and other communications.

You don’t need a state-of-the-art recording studio to make video testimonials. They do need to look professional, but that can easily be achieved with today’s smart phones and tech. It’s important to factor them properly into the design and feel of your website. Testimonials are the best way of shouting about your business so you need to make sure they can be seen!

We can help with all kinds of video for your website and give you lots of ideas of how to effectively incorporate video testimonials. Give us a call or contact us for a free website audit below.


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